Chemistry Education Research

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Coronavirus & #RemoteInstruction: Download a list of URLs to online animations, videos, simulations, & demos that many talented people (these are not my intellectual property) have created in the the chem ed and biochem ed communities. I’ve created this collated list to support colleagues as we move to #remoteinstruction #online learning. 

The Bretz group conducts research on the teaching and learning of chemistry. We are particularly interested in designing assessments to measure what students know and are able to do. Specifically, we

  • characterize chemistry students’ reasoning with multiple representations
    • symbolic (chemistry as a
       “foreign language”)
    • macroscopic (observations with the human senses)
    • particulate (molecules, ions & atoms)
  • develop tools to measure meaningful learning
    • cognitive (thinking about chemistry)
    • affective (feelings about chemistry)
    • psychomotor (doing of chemistry)

Interested in joining our group?

  • Miami undergraduates should stop by 369 Hughes.
  • Prospective graduate students should visit the Miami CER page.

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