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Bretz CER Group Fall 2016Stacey's & colleagues' new Gen Chem textbooks feature pedagogy based on the Bretz group's research on student understanding of representationsMaia and Stacey with Bretz group alumnae Dr. Mary Beth Anzovino and Dr. Kelli Galloway at the spring 2017 ACS meeting in San FranciscoTim, Maia, Greg, & Zahy sightseeing at the ACS 2017 Spring National meeting in San Francisco, CACarrie and Tim at the 2017 Undergraduate Research ForumKatie and Maia at the 2017 Undergraduate Research ForumGrad Students & Post-Docs at the 2017 CER Professional Development ConferenceBretz group alumnus Dr. Nathan Grove returned to Miami for the CER GSPD ConferenceBretz group alumna Dr. Mary Emenike and Stacey at the TRUSE ConferenceMikayla presents her NSF REU project on cluster analysis of students’ thinking about enzyme-substrate interactionsJessica Gephart returns to Miami to be honored as with exceptional young alumni - one of 18 of the last 09

In the Bretz group, we conduct research on the teaching and learning of chemistry. We are particularly interested in designing assessments to measure what students know and are able to do. Specifically, we

  • investigate how students construct & interpret multiple chemistry representations
    • symbolic
      (chemistry as a
       “foreign language”)
    • macroscopic
      (observations with
       the human senses)
    • particulate
      (molecules, ions & atoms)
  • develop tools to measure meaningful learning
    • cognitive (thinking about chemistry)
    • affective (feelings about chemistry)
    • psychomotor (doing of chemistry)

Interested in joining our group?

  • Miami undergraduates should stop by 369 Hughes.
  • Prospective graduate students should visit the Miami CER page.

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