Allie Brandriet


Miami University

Advisor: Dr. Stacey Lowery Bretz

Ph.D. Candidate

Analysis of the Redox Concept Inventory (ROXCI) as a Measure of Student Understanding of Particulate and Symbolic Oxidation-Reduction Concepts

     Students lack a firm understanding of a topic usually taught during the first semester of general chemistry: oxidation-reduction reactions (redox). Although students construct knowledge from the data obtained by their senses, many textbooks and teachers focus heavily on symbolic equations and rules for determining oxidation numbers as the tools for learning redox concepts. Students can be left with memorized definitions, a superficial understanding and alternate conceptions about a complex topic that has a strong particulate foundation. In order to elicit student ideas about redox on a large scale, the Redox Concept Inventory (ROXCI) was created based on 39 semi-structured interviews with undergraduate students. Preliminary data was collected from general and organic chemistry students (N=438) in the fall of 2012 using the alpha version of the ROXCI. Based on the results of the statistical and qualitative analysis of the alpha version, revisions were made to create the beta version of the ROXCI. A confidence scale has been added to each question in order to distinguish between genuine alternative conceptions and guessing due to a lack of understanding. This poster will describe the results of the beta test and how the decisions were made for revising the alpha version based on quantitative and qualitative data collected.

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