Lindsey Cain

Clemson University

Advisor: Dr. Gautam Bhattacharyya

Ph.D. Candidate

Understanding how Inorganic Chemistry Graduate Students Conduct their Research

     Anecdotal data from previous research has shown that graduate students fail to incorporate classroom knowledge into their research. Although the anecdotal did show an atheoretical approach to their research, the graduate students were still getting their research done. This current project branched off of that research and is a case study focusing on how three inorganic chemistry graduate students at Clemson University conduct their research.  The case study was conducted during the fall of 2010, which consisted of an interview every week and focused on what they did that particular week in their research. The results from this study displayed that the difficulties these graduate students encountered in their research began with how they conducted their literature search. Three themes emerged from this study. After inputting a topic or molecular structure into the search engine the abundance of "hits" meant the protocol would work for their research. Often times if their exact molecule was not reported, they would select a protocol based on similar surface features. If their molecule had not been reported then they had a difficult time interpreting their results. 

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