Nikita Burrows

Burrows, Nikita

Georgia State University

Advisor: Dr. Suazette Mooring

Ph.D. Candidate

Student Understanding of General Chemistry Concepts and their Success in Organic Chemistry

    Key principles are often developed in General Chemistry (Gen-Chem) and carried into other chemistry courses such as organic chemistry (O-Chem). A survey of chemistry faculty (N = 85) revealed that the top three Gen-Chem topics considered to be vital to the success in O-Chem are Lewis structures, Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) theory and the acid/base behavior of molecules. These key topics are the core of O-Chem for prediction of how and why molecules react. This study reports the outcomes of an investigation of O-Chem students' conceptual understanding of these three general chemistry topics and their application to problem solving of conceptual Gen-Chem questions. 

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