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(7/29/18 – 8/2/18)


  • Michael successfully completed his first year conference. (6/9/17)
  • Stacey co-authored two General Chemistry textbooks (both a traditional curriculum and an atoms-focused curriculum) that feature new pedagogy based on Stacey’s research have been published by W.W. Norton! (2/1/17). She was recognized as one of the most highly prolific authors (most published articles in the last 5 years) by the Journal of Chemical EducationJournal of Chemical Education. (7/17/17), was appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board for the  (2/8/17), and published an editorial refuting learning styles (7/11/17). Stacey gave invited seminars at Iowa State (3/28/17), Kenyon (3/20/17), and RIT. (3/3/17) She was an invited panelist at the CER Gordon Conference (6/21/17), and she and Ellen presented two talks at ACS about putting CER into practice for using sims in the classroom (8/21/17).




  • Zowoi and Kelli’s research on affective learning, control & responsibility in the lab was published in JCE (12/14/15).
  • Kelli was selected as the 2015 Dissertation Scholar in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry! (4/28/15) and has accepted a post-doc with Alison Flynn at the University of Ottawa! (4/22/15) Her articles on development of the MLLI (7/20/15), a national study (9/30/15), and a longitudinal study (11/16/15) were published in JCE. Her cluster analysis of MLLI data (8/18/15) and action camera study (11/20/15) were published in CERP. She defended her dissertation (10/19/15), presented a poster at the Graduate Research Forum (10/30/15), and graduated (12/11/15).
  • Nathan was tenured at UNCW! (4/10/15)  He returned to Miami to give a department seminar on cognitive load and heart rate (4/30/15)
  • Jovan joined our group! (8/27/15)
  • Tim completed his first year conference (8/12/15) and presented a poster at the Graduate Research Forum (10/30/15).
  • Kim published another article from her dissertation research on students’ understandings of enzyme-substrate interactions at BAMBEd (7/20/15)
  • Mary Beth’s research on nucleophiles & electrophiles is now an Advance Article at CERP (7/20/15) and was featured in an RSC Education blog (11/6/15)
  • Maia was the only graduate student to give a talk at the Chirality at the Nanoscale Symposium (6/4/15). She completed her cume exams (9/29/15) and presented a poster at the Graduate Research Forum (10/30/15).
  • Zahilyn completed her first year conference (6/3/15) and presented a poster at the Graduate Research Forum (10/30/15)
  • Kathryn is High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year for the ACS Cincinnati Section! (4/22/15)
  • Elizabeth and Joanna presented posters at the Undergraduate Research Forum (4/15/15)
  • Allie accepted a postdoc with Nicole Becker at the University of Iowa (4/10/15)
  • Cindy is the newest Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Texas State University! (4/10/15)
  • Stacey was appointed as University Distinguished Professor by the MIami University Board of Trustees (5/15/15) and honored as Distinguished Scholar (9/22/15). She was also honored as ACS Cincinnati Section Chemist of the Year. (3/18/15) She gave invited seminars at Ohio University & the Ohio Upper Valley ACS Local Section Awards Night (4/6-7/15), the 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference (6/15/15), the University of Iowa (9/11/15), the University of Georgia (10/26/15), and Pacifichem (12/19/15).


  • The National Science Foundation awarded $1.277M to the Bretz CER group for the next 5 years! (07/29/14)
  • Kelli Galloway published her cognate project on the anti-oxidant properties of anthocyanins in berries in JCE (10/08/14)
  • We welcomed two new graduate students to our group: Tim Abell and Zahilyn Roche!
  • Joanna Orzel joined our group to conduct undergraduate research on faculty goals for learning in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory. (8/28/14)
  • Dr. Allie Brandriet defended her dissertation and is now a post-doc at the ACS Exams Institute at Iowa State in Tom Holme’s research group (4/7/14). Allie published two papers  about redox misconceptions, the redox concept inventory (ROXCI), and measuring the Dunning-Kruger effect in JCE and CERP. (7/26/14)
  • Kim Linenberger published a paper in BAMBEd on students’ ideas about the role of shape and charge in enzyme-substrate interactions.  (2/17/14)
  • Cindy Luxford published a paper on the Bonding Representations Inventory that was designated ACS Editor's Choice at JCE (2/23/14).
  • Zowoi, Will, & Elizabeth presented posters at the Miami Undergraduate Research Forum.  (4/16/14)
  • Stacey presented a poster at NARST and gave seminars at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras and Cayey, Loyola University, and Duke University. She was a keynote speaker at ICCE. Above is a picture with Israel and David, two Bretz group alumni she visited while in Puerto Rico. She published a critique of the Cronbach alpha in concept inventories in J. Chem. Educ. and a book chapter on designing concept inventories in Tools of Chemistry Education ResearchShe also published a book chapter on the challenges and rewards of being a mom & a professor of chemistry in Mom the Chemistry Professor: Personal Accounts and Advice from Chemistry Professors who are Mothers.  
  • The Bretz group presented 7 papers at the ACS Dallas meeting, 2 papers at the BCCE and 5 papers at the ACS San Francisco meeting.


  • 41 CER grad students from across the U.S. presented their research at the 3rd CER Grad Student Conference. (7/26-7/28/2013)
  • Dr. Michael Bindis successfully defended his dissertation and is now employed at College of Mount St. Joseph. (9/13/13)
  • Allie Brandriet published a manuscript in CERP (5/9/13) and was an invited speaker at the May 2013 2YC3 Conference (5/21/13).
  • Kelli Rush Galloway passed her ORP (3/21/13), earned Honorable Mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship program (3/29/13), and was chosen Outstanding TA in the CHM department (4/23/13).
  • Jessica Gephart (Bretz alum) was awarded an NSF Graduate Research
    Fellowship at the University of Virginia. (3/29/13)
  • Dr. Jana Jensen successfully defended her dissertation. (3/14/13) 
  • Dr. Cindy Luxford officially defended her PhD (3/19/13) and published a manuscript on student models of bonding in CERP (4/2/13).


  • Allie completed the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics.
  • Cindy accepted a post-doc position with Tom Holme at the ACS Exams Institute at Iowa State.
  • Jana accepted a post-doc position with Melanie Cooper at Michigan State.
  • Ana successfully defended her dissertation.
  • Mary's case study of a 4th grader's prior knowledge about chemicals was published in SS&M.
  • Kim accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in CER at Kennesaw State University to begin in Fall 2013. Her paper on cognitive dissonance and multiple representations was published in CERP,  the ESICI (Enzyme-Substrate Interactions Concept Inventory) was published in BAMBEd, and the paper on Livescribe data collection was published in JCST.
  • LaKeisha accepted a faculty position at George Washington University. Her organic acidity concept inventory (ACID 1) was published in IJSE.
  • Kelli finished cumes (she passed 4 out of 4 tries!) and her undergraduate research on organic mechanism use was published in JCE.
  • Jessica, a former undergrad in our group and now grad student at the University of Virginia, earned an Honorable Mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.
  • Stacey was selected as an ACS Fellow and chosen to be the Volwiler Distinguished Research Professor for 2012-2015. Stacey published an editorial on assessment in JCE. She gave the keynote address at the 2012 W.E. Harris Teaching Workshop; invited seminars in chemistry departments at Stanford University, Wooster College, and the University of Nebraska (including a 2nd talk for the UNL DBER group); an invited talk at the 2012 TRUSE Conference, and was an invited speaker at the ACS Symposium to honor Susan Hixson on her retirement from NSF. Stacey was reappointed to the Board of Trustees for the ACS Exams Institute and re-elected Chair of the Board. She was an invited participant in the AAAS/NSF workshop on the Measurement of Teaching Practices in Undergraduate STEM. She was an author/committee member for the NRC report on Discipline-Based Education Research and was appointed a Faculty Associate of the Center for Human Development, Learning, and Technology
  • The Bretz CER Group presented 6 posters at the Miami Grad Research Forum, 8 papers at the 2012 BCCE at Penn State, a poster at the DRK-12 PI meeting in Washington D.C., 2 posters at the TRUSE Conference in St. Paul, 2 talks at the NSTA National meeting in Indianapolis, and 6 posters at the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego.
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