Mikayla DeLuca (summer 2017)


joined Bretz Group in May 2017
hometown: Pottstown, PA

B.S. Biochemistry with Molecular Biology option, Penn State University Berks
(expected graduation May 2019)


Cluster Analysis of Students’ Understandings of Enzyme-Substrate Interactions

Previously in the Bretz Chemistry Research Group, misconceptions were found concerning enzyme substrate interactions by interviewing students to identify their understanding of representations. An Enzyme Substrate Interactions Concept Inventory (ESICI) was developed from the collected data. The inventory was a 15 multiple choice assessment that used multiple representations to identify students’ understandings of enzyme substrate interactions. The ESICI was distributed to 16 institutions across the United States, and a total of 707 biochemistry students completed the inventory. The ESICI data collected will now be researched by cluster analysis. Cluster Analysis will identify and distinguish predominant groups of students who share the same patterns in regards to their same misconceptions or correct thinking.

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