Ana Mayo


joined Bretz Group in August 2008

B.S. Arizona State University
M.A. University of Phoenix
Ph.D. Miami University, 2013

Dissertation: Atomic Emission Misconceptions as Investigated through Student Interviews and Measured by the Flame Test Concept Inventory.  

     This study investigated high school, general chemistry, and analytical chemisty students' understandings of atomic emission using flame test demonstrations and energy level diagrams. Analysis of the students' thinking using the Mode-Node Framework identified patterns of thinking and multiple misconceptions. The Flame Test Concept Inventory (FTCI) was developed to quantify the prevalence of these misconceptions for students enrolled in high school chemistry, AP chemistry, and general chemistry. After a pilot test and revisions to improve the reliability and validity, the FTCI was administered to a nationwide sample of students in fall 2012. Two manuscripts have been submitted to, reviewed, and are in revision for Chemistry Education Research and Practice.


Cognate Research: Flow Injection Analysis and Liquid Chromatography for Multifunctional Chemical Analysis Systems.

      The large class sizes of first year chemistry labs makes it challenging to provide students with hands-on access to instrumentation becasue the number of students typically far exceeds the number of research grade instruments available to collect data. MCA systems provide a viable alternative for large scale instruction while supporting a hands-on approach to more advanced instrumentation. This study extended the capabilities of MCA systems to introduce liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis in first year laboratories. Two MCA systems, Vernier and MeasureNet, were used in experiments demonstrating the detection of salicylate in aspirin tablets by FIA and the LC separation of a mixture of riboflavin and fluorescein. A manuscript was published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

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