Sarah Fullington (graduate student)

joined Bretz Group in October 2017
hometown: Buffalo, NY

B.S. University of Buffalo, 2016
Ph.D. Candidate (expected graduation May 2021)

Dissertation Research: Investigating Students’ Understandings of Ability and Effort in the Chemistry Laboratory

This research investigates how a self-theory of intelligence (incremental vs. entity) shapes the experiences of students in undergraduate general chemistry laboratories. Previous research in psychology has identified that student’s self-theories of intelligence can affect their academic performance over time when they face challenging work. We are exploring how students view intelligence, specifically the roles of ability and effort when making and correcting errors, in the chemistry laboratory. We intend to design an instrument to measure these views among students.    


Cognate Research: Using Thiorphans with NDM-1 as Inhibitors of Metallo-ß-Lactamases: Discovering the Mechanism of Inhibition

This bench biochemistry project investigates using a thiol-containing approved drug Thiorphan, as a potential inhibitor of Metallo-β-Lactamases (MBL) to restore the effectiveness of β-lactam antibiotics. MBLs inactivate nearly all β-lactam containing antibiotics, which make up more than 50% of available antibiotics. There currently are no clinically approved MBLs inhibitors for clinical trials, so by determining the mechanism of inhibition of metal-targeting inhibitors like Thiorphan using NDM-1, inhibitors can be redesigned to be more selective. The mechanism of inhibition will be investigated by pre-steady state kinetic studies to probe the kinetic mechanisms of these enzymes and crystallographic and spectroscopic studies, such as NMR, EPR, UV-Vis, to probe the structure. The metal content of the MBL will be determined through ICP-AES. (image from Shen et al., PLOS, 2013.)

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