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2014 Publications

65. Bretz, S.L.; McClary, L.M. “Students' Understandings of Acid Strength:
      How Meaningful is Reliability when Measuring Alternative Conceptions?"
      Journal of Chemical Education, 2014, accepted

64. Galloway, K.R.; Bretz, S.L.; Novak, M. "Paper Chromatography and UV-Vis
      Spectroscopy to Characterize Anthocyanins and Investigate Anti-oxidant
      Properties in the Organic Teaching Laboratory," Journal of Chemical
      Education, 2014, accepted

63. Brandriet, A.R.; Bretz, S.L. “Measuring Meta-Ignorance through the Lens of
      Confidence: Examining Students’ Redox Misconceptions about Oxidation
      Numbers, Charge, and Electron Transfer,” Chemistry Education Research and
, 2014, Advance Article,  DOI: 10.1039/C4RP00129J

62. Brandriet, A.R.; Bretz, S.L. "The Development of the Redox Concept
      Inventory as a Measure of Students' Symbolic and Particulate Redox
      Understandings and Confidence," 
Journal of Chemical Education, 2014, 91(8),
      1132-1144; DOI: 10.1021/ed500051n

61. Bretz, S.L. (2014). "Designing Assessment Tools to Measure Students'
      Conceptual Knowledge of Chemistry," in
Tools of Chemistry Education
, D. Bunce and R. Cole (Eds.), American Chemical Society:
      Washington, D.C., 155-168

60. Bretz, S.L. (2014). "Equilibrium and Stress: Balancing One Marriage, a "Two-Body"
      Problem, and Three Children." In
Mom the Chemistry Professor: Personal
      Accounts and Advice from Chemistry Professors who are Mothers
, (Cole, 
     Marzabadi, Webster, and Woznack, Eds.). Springer Press, 2014, 3-19.

59. Luxford, C.J.; Bretz, S.L. "Development of the Bonding Representations
      Inventory to Identify Student MIsconceptions about Covalent and Ionic
      Bonding Representations,"
Journal of Chemical Education, 2014, 91(3),
      312- 320; DOI: 10.1021/ed400700q
      (selected for ACS Editor's Choice - 1st 
JCE paper to earn this distinction!)

58. Linenberger, K.J.; Bretz, S.L. "Biochemistry Students' Ideas about Shape and
      Charge in Enzyme-Substrate Interactions,"
Biochemistry and Molecular
      Biology Education
, 2014, 42(3), 203-212; DOI: 10.1002/bmb.20776

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