2016 Publications

77. Bretz, S.L.; Galloway, K.R.; Orzel, J.; Gross, E. “Faculty Goals, Inquiry, and Meaningful
      Learning in the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory.” In Technology and Assessment
      Strategies for Improving Student Learning in Chemistry
, M. Schultz, T.A. Holme, S.
      Schmid (Eds.), American Chemical Society Symposium Series, 2016, Vol. 1236,

76. Anzovino, M.E.; Bretz, S.L. “Organic Chemistry Students’ Fragmented Ideas
      about the Structure and Function of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles: A Concept
      Map Analysis,” 
Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2016, 17, 1019-1029

75. Popova, M.; Bretz, S.L.; Hartley, C.S. “Visualizing Molecular Chirality in the
      Organic Chemistry Laboratory using Cholesteric Liquid Crystals,” 
Journal of
      Chemical Education
, 2016, 93(6), 981-1162.

74. Galloway, K.R.; Malakpa, Z.; Bretz, S.L. “Investigating Affective Experiences
      in the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory: Students’ Perceptions of
      Control and Responsibility,” 
Journal of Chemical Education, 2016, 93(2), 227-238

73. Galloway, K.R.; Bretz, S.L. “Video Episodes and Action Cameras in the
      Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory: Eliciting Student Perceptions of
      Meaningful Learning,” 
Chemistry Education Research and Practice,
      2016, 17, 139-155

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