Norton book covers
  • Research from the Bretz group has been incorporated into the pedagogy of two General Chemistry textbooks published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.:

    Chemistry: The Science in Context (5e)
    by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Bretz, & Davies
     © 2017

    Chemistry: An Atoms-Focused Approach (2e)
    by Gilbert, Kirss, Foster & Bretz © 2017
  • Each chapter begins with Particulate Review and Particulate Preview questions. The Review is a diagnostic tool that asks students to reflect upon their prior knowledge by interpreting molecular artwork. The Preview scaffolds the learning that is to come by asking students to look at new molecular artwork and extend their prior knowledge by making predictions about new concepts to be learned.
  • A Visual Problem Matrix has been added to the collection of visualization problems at the end of every chapter. The matrix consists of macroscopic, particulate, and symbolic representations, followed by a collection of six questions that require students to identify commonalities and differences across the representations.
  • The Review, Preview, and Matrix questions have all been developed into a collection of more than 400 Smartwork homework problems and clicker questions for use in lecture.
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